Agenda – Virtual Anti-Piracy Conference | 3 – 5 Nov 2020, Online


MENA OTT and Anti-Piracy
Virtual Week

3 Nov – 5 Nov 2020
NOV 03

Day 1

12:50 UAE
OTT – Tech

Are We Tech-Ready?

Coping with the rise in subscribers and traffic with a good and efficient technical infrastructure all the way to the viewer’s device.

Covid-19 presented streaming services with an unexpected opportunity to move into mainstream entertainment, and secure and retain subscribers. With lockdowns in effect for months, their audiences ravenously devoured content and asked for more. The huge demand saw streaming services scramble to procure new content while also struggling to ensure their technical infrastructure was able to handle the rise in traffic. Several streamers looked for new solutions, CDNs, infrastructure upgrades and partnerships to accommodate new subscribers and offer a seamless viewing experience. We bring together experts in the field to look at how some streaming services coped and what technologies helped elevate their service.

12:50 (UAE TIME)

Welcome address

Vijaya Cherian, Editor, BroadcastPro ME

13:00 – 13:20 (UAE TIME)

Increasing Video Streaming Quality and Reducing Cost

John Illingworth, Sales Director, Middle East & Africa, Bitmovin

In the session, John Illingworth explains the best practices for streaming or OTT organizations seeking to scale their customer base while maintaining a low cost of operations. You’ll walk away from this session with a basic understanding of multi-pass encoding solutions and how multi-codec implementations such as HEVC and VP9 will save you big on delivery costs, all while delivering content in the highest possible resolutions.

Short break

13:30 – 13:45 (UAE TIME)

Transforming the Customer Journey with an Innovative Business Model and Technological Leadership – A case study

Rajesh Jagadish, Director Business Development & Pre-Sales MEA, ATEME

Short break

14:00 (UAE TIME)

PANEL: Streaming – Are We Tech-Ready?

  • A look at the key components of a technically and commercially sound streaming service
  • New developments in the context of reinventing streaming
  • QoS can be impacted by so many variables – How do you best identify infrastructure and platform issues to maintain the best customer experience?
  • The role of CDNs in improving the viewer experience
  • The ideal tech approach – Investing in infrastructure vs investing in product features
  • The role of analytics and leveraging multi-tenant architectures to understand customer behaviour better.

Moderator: Vijaya Cherian, Editor, BroadcastPro ME


  • Nauman Qureshi, VP of Product, StarzPlay
  • Peter Riz, CTO, OSN
  • Rick Cordeiro, Director – Middle East and Africa, Brightcove Inc.
  • Salloum El Dahdaah , Chief Technology Officer, ITWorksME

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  • NOV 04

    Day 2

    12:30 UAE
    OTT – Strategy

    How to Stand Out in a Crowd

    The world is populated with various streaming services, and many offer the same content. How do you distinguish yourself?

    Streaming services became the primary source of entertainment during the lockdown, and the likes of Netflix, Shahid, StarzPlay, OSN Streaming App, Jawwy TV, Viu, Zee5 and several others in the region have upped their game in the market. Most have continuously added new content, Originals, Arabic-language programming, sports elements while also improving their interfaces and enhancing the viewer experience.

    We bring together OTT experts to discuss new strategies that will firmly place OTT within the realm of mainstream entertainment.

    12:10 (UAE TIME)

    Vijaya Cherian, Editor, BroadcastPro ME


    12:15 – 12:25 (UAE TIME)

    Protect your valuable video assets across OTT platforms

    Joyce Lin, Global Sales Management at castLabs

    Short break

    12:30 – 13:00 (UAE TIME)

    Defy the Elements with Shure Duraplex – The Big Reveal!

    Live Q&A with Andrea Granata, Market Development Manager, Shure MEA, to follow

    Short break

    13:10 – 13:30 (UAE TIME)

    The StarzPlay Perspective

    The impact of COVID-19 on the growth of OTT services in MENA
    Danny Bates, CCO, StarzPlay

    Short break

    14:00 (UAE TIME)

    PANEL: Strategies to Win the OTT race

    • Personalization and Monetization
    • Revenue generation models – AVOD/TVOD/SVOD
    • Cloud-adoption technologies to drive OTT
    • UX features- what is hit vs hype?
    • How to ensure greater audience reach across devices

    Moderator: Christophe Firth, Senior Principal, Kearney


    • John-Paul McKerlie, Chief Commercial Officer, Intigral
    • Remi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer, ATEME
    • Tim Pearson, Senior Product Marketing Director, Nagra

    NOV 05

    Day 3

    13:00 UAE

    Caught in a Web of Piracy

    In the traditional world of entertainment, the lines between legal and illegal viewing were pretty clear. Account sharing brings with it several complications that streaming services are ignoring for now to up their subscriber numbers.

    OTT and pay-TV companies have lost around $9.1bn in revenue due to piracy and account sharing in 2019 alone. The numbers in 2020 with Covid-19 forcing people to remain home are thought to be significantly higher.

    This webinar will bring together some of the stakeholders and tech providers to look at new numbers, shed light on new trends in piracy and how they can collaborate to counter it.

    13:00 – 13:20 (UAE TIME)

    The power in knowing your piracy audience

    Christopher Elkins, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, MUSO

    Short break

    13:30 – 13:50 (UAE TIME)

    Content piracy: Is it a game of whack-a-mole or collaborative cat and mouse?

    Pascal Metral, Vice President of Legal Affairs, NAGRA.

    Short break

    14:00 (UAE TIME)

    PANEL: Tackling piracy from multiple angles

    • The different types of piracy in the MENA region
    • Emerging trends in piracy
    • Content assets that attract the most piracy –soccer events, movies, series, dramas?
    • How are solution providers and end users collaborating to address this?
    • Tactical and technical strategies that global and regional players are undertaking to address piracy

    Moderator: Vijaya Cherian, Editor, BroadcastPro ME


    • Hashim Ossaily, Regional Sales Director, Synamedia
    • Hanif Khan, Director of Anti-Piracy and Content Security, OSN
    • Kieron Sharp, CEO, FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft)